October 28, 2009



When I was in eighth grade I played laser tag for my birthday. It was the worst birthday of my life. I lost to Uncle Ray who has one leg, and his daughter/my cousin, Samantha, who has glaucoma of the eyes.

I'm not sure how they won, but I assume they paid someone off.

After that birthday I realized if I ever was a cop I would have a desk job. That is because you can never get shot at a desk job. And more importantly you can never lose at laser tag.

Cops on the streets have tons of guns. They are always shooting people and pit bulls, but sometimes they get shot themselves.

That is what I thought UNTIL I saw “American Gangster.”

Now I realize that in order to be a cop you only need to know how to take pictures.

There are so many scenes in this movie of cops taking photos of criminals meeting other criminals. I counted five total, but I may be wrong. In my book that is a lot of picture-taking.

In order to prepare for this movie I know that Russell Crowe took photography lessons. I would like to see his work. I bet it is just like Ansel Adams, but without all the stupid scenery.

One of my favorite scenes in “American Gangster” is when Crowe is looking at a bunch of his photographs that are on a corkboard. He gets up and moves a few pictures around. I couldn't believe it. It was intense.

Another amazing scene is when Crowe sees Denzel Washington standing outside his car. He pulls out a camera and takes a picture.

Part of me just wanted Denzel to turn around and take a picture of Crowe. It would be like a stand off without the guns. They would be taking photos of each other until they ran out of film.

The most dangerous part of a camera standoff would be the flash. Looking into the flash could damage your eyes forever. That is why everyone wears sunglasses, especially cops.

I don't think cameras can kill anyone unless it is a camera with a bullet in it. I have never been shot with one of those cameras. If I did I would probably be dead.

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