October 15, 2009


GLORY (1989)

Everyone in the world loves to blow stuff up. It is built into our DNA and also our genes.

If all else fails most good schools, if they are worth their salt, will teach you the importance of blowing stuff up by the third grade.

That is essentially what this movie is about, especially the end where a lot of stuff and people get blown up.

Last night I reenacted the final scene of this movie in my living room by using the same exact weapons used in the filming of “Glory” - a glue gun, bag of french fries and a hair net.

I played the lead role because that is most important and I have to say I blew up nearly everything in the house. It was pretty awesome and historically authentic.

I’m not in the military, but if I was I would say I would probably be registered as a lethal weapon and win every war. Especially the Civil War where a lot of stuff needed to be blown up.

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