March 19, 2010



I’ve never played football in my life because it is a stupid sport played by a bunch of dumb jocks who are not entrepreneurs like me.

But my friend Michelle convinced me to go see it. She has never played football either because girls aren’t allowed to by law. But she was a cheerleader in high school and so of course she likes football players because they are always walking around town with their shirts off.

If my dreams ever come true and I own a store that sells gum I will have a sign on the windows that read “NO FOOTBALL PLAYERS ALLOWED.” Unfortunately, most football players can’t read so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Unlike me, Michelle thinks football players are smart especially those that are blind. I don’t know how many blind people play professional football, but she told me this movie was about the first player to ever do it.

That is why about 30 minutes into the movie we walked out. Not once did they show anyone who was blind. And if they did it was probably an extra in the background.

Every one of the football players in The Blind Side can see, yet the studios keep touting this as heroic movie about a blind person who overcomes the odds to play in the NFL.

Whoever that blind player is should see this movie so he discovers how Hollywood has once again distorted the truth.

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Tricia Rana said...

Thank you for once again saving me money b/c I will not go see this movie. I hate Hollywood and their stupid tricks! How about doing a review on Twilight - I love Edward the vampire...just sayin'