October 13, 2010



I don’t know the exact name of this movie, but I wrote it in my sleep three weeks ago and when I woke up I realized it will be a big time blockbuster. I pretty much know everything about the movies so I know this is going to be a hit. 

Right now I am shopping this around to all the major power players in Hollywood: Keenan, Kel, Raven Simone and Dustin Diamond. There is no way they can refuse it. The working title of it is “The Ceiling Fan” and I’m thinking it could branch off into sequels, television shows, video games and action figures.

Here is the main premise:

There is a nice man (Keenan) who is sleeping in his room and when he wakes up he sees the ceiling fan (Dustin Diamond) spinning very fast. All of the sudden it hypnotizes him and he can’t get out of bed.

His mom (Raven Simone) tells him to get out of bed and says “Don’t make me get your father.” Twenty minutes later she gets the father (Kel) who comes in and tells his son to get out of bed.
But the nice man can’t get out of bed because the ceiling fan controls him and his thoughts so he misses work.

There are a lot of close ups of the ceiling fan spinning on high speed which could be done in CGI. Also, there are cool shots of the nice man’s eyes.

Then there is a huge rainstorm, maybe even a hurricane or something with lightning. There has to be lightning because it hits the power line and there is a blackout which causes the ceiling fan to stop.

And the man gets out of bed to go to the bathroom or maybe blow his nose. But this makes him really tired so he goes back to bed. When he goes back to bed the electricity comes back on and the ceiling fan starts to spin again hypnotizing the nice man until the sequel.


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