February 17, 2011



(Part Two)

I never review a movie twice, but I am so upset at the director and the cast, especially James Franco.

These people are the walking definition of charlatans. Never again can I trust them and neither should you.

Here’s why I am so angry. Supposedly this movie is based upon a real story of a guy who cut his arm off.

So basically what you’re telling me, James Franco, is all I have to do to have a movie made about me is cut off a body part? Well, how about I cut my foot off? What about my head? Or my fingernails?

This makes my stomach churn. Hollywood has officially jumped the shark. Apparently they are going for the lowest common denominator now. Saw off any part of your body and it’s worthy of a feature length movie?!

Take a long hard look in the mirror, Franco. You probably won’t like what you see. And then you’ll have to get a new mirror. Just don’t expect to borrow one from me.

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