April 6, 2009



Anyone involved in the making of this movie should be ashamed of themselves.

College Road Trip” sets up false expectations for a lot of people in this country. Name one person that you know who can get into college. I know I can’t and a lot of people are in that same boat.

To promote this idea is a horrible precedent and the cast and crew of this movie are treading on dangerous water.

I am not a big fan – and never have been a fan – of school, reading, doing homework or work, in general. I did it for 12 years of my life and I was thanked by having to come back for a fifth, sixth and seventh year of high school to graduate.

My parents wanted me to go on to college, but when I saw the application I nearly fainted. They want you to answer everything including names of relatives and your social security number. Trying to get that information is not easy. It’s a pain in the neck and I would tell that to Martin Lawrence’s face if I ever saw it.

I ended up applying to Devry University, Luna Community College, Quinsigamond Community College, Albuquerque Barber College (even though I hate hair because I am always getting lice), and Mesalands Community College.

I got rejected at all four colleges and have never looked back.

I have never regretting my decision to not do good in school. I am happy being unemployed and the former owner of a successful lemonade stand that got shut down by the local Board of Health and the state Department of Environmental Protection.

I guess a part of me wishes I had gone to a college where I could drink every day, watch television in my underwear, and fart in girl’s faces.

Unfortunately, colleges like that only exist in your dreams.

I know because I visited Mesalands Community College with my dad. They had some stupid office, a stupid classroom, a stupid library and a bunch of other stupid buildings. My dad made me eat a stupid pizza which was stupid because I didn’t even want to be there. When it boils down to it colleges are stupid.

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