December 11, 2009



Have you ever been accused of leaving an empty carton of milk in the refrigerator by your mom? Or of eating the last of the Oreos and Doritos by your brother?

Have you ever been caught sleeping while at work?

Or maybe the local newspaper is hounding you because they think you threw eggs at your idiot neighbor’s house and toilet papered his car because he doesn’t give out Halloween candies for trick or treaters.

What about being ratted out by your supposed best friend for driving over his foot in your car as part of a high school prank?

Perhaps they claimed you were the one who pushed a young child onto the ground and out of line so you could get on the Batman Rollercoaster at Six Flags before anyone else.

None of these things can ever be blamed on you or me again thanks to this movie.

All you have to do is hire a bellboy which I am in the process of doing. It is sort of like buying a Russian bride, but only bellboys are in every country. I'm also not sure how romantic you can get with the bellboy, but I assume that's all in the fine print.

In some countries like Thailand or Nicaragua bellboys are really cheap, but honestly it doesn’t matter where you purchase one.

Once you have a bellboy you can blame everything on them no matter what. That is why I like this movie so much because it is giving me so many good ideas.

I can do anything without repercussions which is the way it should be. So if I ever see you out in public and throw a Slurpee in your face do not blame me. Blame the bellboy.

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