February 1, 2010



If you are a New York Giants fan you can not be pleased with this movie, especially since your star quarterback went out and wrote a book in the middle of the season.

Needless to say Eli Manning has a lot of explaining to do.

The one question I have for him is this: What is more important to you – football or writing books?

This movie pretty much answers that question. Because of his mixed up priorities Eli Manning ruined his team’s chances of getting into the playoffs.

What he has done is besmirched the game and whoever the commissioner of football is needs to think about banning him for a year. Maybe even for life. This is serious.

His teammates probably can’t stand the sight of him and vomit into trash cans repeatedly. If I were Eli I’d be careful because the other Giants players are probably waiting to whip him in the showers with rolled up towels. I hope it stings and leaves a red mark on Eli’s thigh.

Maybe one day he will learn his lesson: you don’t write a book until you are retired and very old and have nothing better to do with your time. Those are the people who write books. Not people who are supposed to be throwing football passes to teammates for touchdowns.

Instead Eli fumbled the ball, big time on this one, which is why he’ll never play another game again.

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