January 20, 2010


AVATAR (2009)

I’m not an eye doctor, but if I was I would recommend everyone go see this movie right away.

It probably won’t fix your vision, but at the least you will be able to see everything in 3-D which is the best thing around town.

The awesome thing about 3-D is that it is like everything is coming at you – pots, pans, pants, Oreo cookies, you name it – but it will never hit you.

If I could fight someone in 3-D I would because I would never get hurt.

And then there wouldn’t be any doctors to charge you astronomical bills for medical care. And that would eliminate stupid lawyers from suing those doctors. Some of this stuff deals directly with health care and what Barack Obama wants to do. He wants everyone to have 3-D glasses, but a lot of Republicans don’t want that.

If you read the health care bill this is the type of stuff that is in it.

I wish they would all just throw away their partisanship and come together on this one issue. This is about what is right and what is wrong.

Because if everyone has 3-D glasses then we will never have to go to the hospital again. And that is the kind of hope and change we can all get behind.

(If you agree with this message please print it out and send it to your local congressman and tell him to support universal 3-D glasses).


jlockwood said...

According to the Surgeon General, 4out of five people who wear 3-D glasses have contracted vertigo, impotency, and thrush.

Anonymous said...

Just to give you a heads up, I still have not heard back from my congressman about this. I've sent him 3 follow up emails and still nothing. Hopefully he wasn't the guy that died after watching this movie, then I'll have to start all over again after the special election to replace him.