April 26, 2011


POWDER (1995)

I am leading a boycott of Powder after I learned the filmmakers refused to audition any minorities for the lead role.

This is discrimination at its worst which is why you should never ever see this movie even if it means saving the world from an alien attack.

If anyone watches Powder I promise you that this country will take two steps backward and we will lose all that we have gained from the civil rights movement.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the albino effect is lessened if other races take on that role. And, maybe it was meant to be ironic that it was a southern town reacting negatively to somebody being too white.
Obviously, directors have something particular in mind when they're reading a script, it's their vision of the movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you're mistaken Skippy. If you watch some of the action sequences in slo-mo, I believe you'll notice that many of the stunts are performed by Celtics guard Delonte West. I wasn't sure who it was at first, but then noticed the signature cast on his wrist. Next time please do your homework before playing the race card. I've come to expect more from you in your many years of fine movie reviews.