July 10, 2012



I seen the first five minutes of this movie and walked out. It is a blatant slap in the face to people like myself who don’t shower and hate water with a passion.

Showering is overrated and unless you’re bleeding or have open wounds there is no need for it. Whatever. Obviously the filmmakers have an agenda. 

Since when did filmmaking have to become political? 

I hate water so bad I don’t even drink it! If you’re drinking water you’re drinking nothing and are a stupidhead. Why would you drink nothing when there is more awesome stuff to drink like Cherry Coke and root beer floats with chocolate ice cream in it? 

A lot of people think the same way and they all walked out of this movie. If you did, you didn’t miss anything. 

I know this because I read a horrible movie review that liked "Prometheus" because it is about aliens. I would never want to see this because every day when I go to the bathroom it is like I’m giving birth to an alien. And when I’m done I flush those aliens down the toilet just like this movie.

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Jesse Power said...

Well spoken, I'll make sure I avoid this movie like i did when good burger came out.