February 11, 2014


As you know I hate socks because the ones I wear usually have holes in them. And I never wash them because I don't know how to operate the washing machine either. Washing machines are for women!

Let's face it socks are horrible! That's why I love slippers. 

But I changed my tune after signing a multi-million dollar deal with the guys at FunSockFriday. The one thing I like is fun. And Friday. I guess I can pretend to like socks too. 

I haven't gotten paid yet, but I told the guys I don't need the money. Just buy me a nice chocolate milk or something. 

As for me I have a new role with FunSockFriday as a guest blogger. This is the first time I've ever been asked to do something other than clean my room by my dumb parents. Here's my first entry about Michael Bay and what he should do with the new Transformers movie. 

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