November 9, 2015



As the best movie reviewer of all time, I need my eyes. Without them I can’t watch movies. That’s why I’m not blind!

My eyes are precious and I will bet you anything that Obama and Congress knows this. I can feel it in my heart.

That is why I am so disappointed in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” It is all about dust which can be very, very damaging to everybody’s eyes. Even though I wore my ski goggles to watch this movie I did not feel safe and ended up walking out.

A lot of optometrists are very mad at this movie because no one likes dust, dust particles or sand to get in your eyes. This is why no one lives in the desert. I learned that in geography class in second grade!

And this is the reason Max is so mad. He is always getting sand in his eyes. He’s not the only one who is mad. I am also mad because I had to wear ski goggles to this movie. And even then it was not enough. Many times I ducked for cover when I seen the sand storm coming. A lot of times I closed my eyes.

This is very irresponsible of the filmmaker because I did not feel safe. I was yelling for help a lot and I ended up walking out. I am very upset about this. But don't worry my eyes are okay now. 

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