February 3, 2012



I never thought there would be a movie that could top "The Country Bears", but then "Jack and Jill" comes along and blows it out the water.

I saw this movie 39 days in a row until Dave Jarvis, the manager at the movie theater decided to stop showing it without input from die hard "Jack and Jill" fans like me.

I’m almost certain my parents were in total cahoots with Dave – just like they thwarted me from getting a tattoo of my new favorite movie characters (Jack AND Jill) on my ankle. What they don’t know is I drew it on my ankle myself with a Sharpie.

My parents are so UNFAIR!

No matter what they do they can’t stop me from loving the movie of the decade. I am predicting big, big things for "Jack and Jill" including a total sweep of the Oscars, Golden Globes and the Emmy’s.

Every time I watched it I caught something I missed the previous time. There are so many hidden gems in "Jack and Jill" it is amazing.

And the biggest gem of them all is Adam Sandler. If I could give him a basket of personal kudos I would. He wouldn’t have to water those kudos because kudos last forever.

Sandler proved to the critics that he is our generation’s Eddie Murphy.

I would not be surprised if the sequel to this movie starred only Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler. They have set the bar high for aspiring actors and created an industry unto its own.

Besides multiple sequels and prequels, I am already imagining a "Jack and Jill" clothing line, action figures, a Broadway show and amusement park. The future looks very, very bright indeed.


Anonymous said...

I sooooo agree with everything you wrote. Adam Sandler will be the first to win best actor and best actress for the same movie. Amazing!!! Sandler just moved past Martin Lawrence as my all time favorite actor - and actress,lol.

Anonymous said...

I seriously Doubt(fire) that Sandler could go toe to toe with Robin Williams. It would be a very close battle though.